Roveglio Olive Oil

Roveglio Olive Oil

Olive Tree

Olive Tree

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Olive Terraces

Working On The Terraces

Working On The Terraces

Roveglio Olive Oil

Roveglio Olive Oil

Roveglio Olive Oil - Olio di Oliva di Roveglio

New York International Olive Oil Competition 

We are incredibly proud to announce that Roveglio olive oil won a gold medal at the

2018 New York International Olive Oil Competition, which attracted over 1,000 entries

from 27 countries, followed by the higher accolade, Best in Class in 2019.


Following several years of intensive work, a large proportion of the farm has now been

awarded Italian DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) status for its oil,

a national certification which recognises that this olive oil is of the highest quality,

produced locally by traditional methods, from a single estate.  

We are now planting more trees, with a view to increasing volume over time.

Our Olive Oil

The single-estate extra-virgin olive oil is produced by traditional methods.  The olives are all from trees growing on the steep terraces of Roveglio farm, above Lenno on the western shore of Lake Como in Northern Italy.  Unlike olive oil produced in the stronger sun of Tuscany and southern Italy, which can have a harsh aftertaste, Roveglio oil has an intensely fresh, “green” flavour.

Some of these trees are over 100 years old. The olives are of the Frantoio (95%) and Pendolino (5%) varieties.  For details on availability in England, please email

Picked in the late autumn by hand, and brought the same day to the Vanini mill in the town of Lenno, only a few minutes from Roveglio, the olives are cold-pressed in a single, mechanical pressing.

The resultant oil has an acidity level of generally less than 0.25% (significantly below the maximum acidity of 0.8% permitted for extra-virgin olive oil) and its tasting notes include the flavour of almond.  It is ideal for dressing salads and vegetables.

As olive oil deteriorates when in direct sunlight, it is sold in a green tinted bottle. For best flavour this should be kept away from direct sunlight and heat, ideally in a cool dry place.

In 2019, in common with the entire Lake Como area, we had no harvest due to the combined effects of two huge hailstorms and a new pest, asian mites. Our fingers are firmly crossed for 2020.

Ideas for enjoying Olio di Oliva di Roveglio

With drinks and Italian nibbles (eg olives, slices of salami and ham). Pour a small amount into a saucer or small dish, and offer with cubes of crusty bread for dipping. You can have a second dish with a small amount of balsamic vinegar.

In a salad dressing: essentially you need a combination of oil and either vinegar, lemon or lime juice, with seasoning to flavour.   Some people prefer more oil in the mix eg 2-3 tablespoons oil to one of vinegar/lemon juice, others prefer equal measures.  If you are using balsamic vinegar, which is very concentrated, use less, and may want to combine it with some wine vinegar. Lemon gives a cleaner flavour, vinegar a richer, more complex flavour – my daughter prefers a lemon dressing, my husband a vinegar dressing.  For seasoning, salt and pepper, sometimes a little mustard, chopped fresh herbs if you have them to hand, a finely chopped clove of garlic….

With grilled vegetables: grill peppers, and possibly also aubergines, courgettes and/or tomatoes. Allow to cool and drizzle with olive oil and serve.


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